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Becoming A Wise Healthcare Consumer

It’s National Wise Healthcare Consumer Month!

This February observance was established to encourage consumers to become empowered to make the best healthcare choices. Today, your MPP Infusion Centers® team offers you three steps to help you get started!

Step One: Understand Your Options

Americans are generally good at researching before buying a new car or appliance. We are not particularly discriminating when choosing our doctors or considering our healthcare coverage. It’s key to understand we have options and know how to compare them. In a recent survey, more than half the participants said they lacked confidence that they could reduce the cost of their healthcare by shopping around. Patients have a right to affordable quality healthcare, and in an environment where healthcare costs are increasingly burdensome, it is vital that we understand our options and leverage our resources to make good choices.

Step Two: Leverage Your Resources

MPP infusion Centers® has taken a proactive approach in supporting our patients as they navigate comparing their healthcare options. Each Open Enrollment season our patients are provided the opportunity to meet with a Patient Resource Specialist. This resource empowers the patient by helping them discover how each healthcare option might support their individual care needs. Celestina Kubicki, MPP Infusion Centers® Director of Revenue & Patient Resource Operations, notes “the tremendous response to this initiative illustrates that consumers want to be empowered with the information to make the best decisions for their own healthcare.” Identify your resources and leverage them when considering your healthcare options. Then, maximize your time with your healthcare providers.

Step Three: Maximize Your Time

Another step in becoming a wise healthcare consumer is making the most of your healthcare appointments. Here are three suggestions to help you achieve this goal. First, be prepared with written questions.  Patients often forget questions once the doctor comes into the room. Having a written list can also help generate other questions that need to be asked. Second, share information that provides your healthcare provider with a more complete picture of the patient’s overall health. This should include a complete list of all current prescriptions and supplements and in some cases, a daily patient journal. The better the information provided, the better the care prescribed. Finally, take good notes or record the appointment session so you can review the doctor’s recommendations. This can help minimize any confusion.

Communication is Key

I recently attended a regular check-up with a family member. Taking the 3 simple steps above allowed us to make the most of our time with the medical team. This good communication resulted in a reduction of the patient’s prescribed medications, an updated care plan that includes physical therapy, and cohesive execution of the patient’s care plan amongst caregivers. Being a good communicator is important in every relationship, and equally helpful when partnering with your healthcare professionals.

Practicing Wise Healthcare Consumer habits will empower us to make the most of our healthcare opportunities and solutions. That is a great goal for February 2021 and beyond!

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