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  • National Nurses Week

    National Nurses Week kicks off tomorrow, Thursday, May 6. This is the week our organization chooses to celebrate our frontline team as well as the many team members supporting them behind the scenes. When I think about our MPP team, I am overwhelmed by their dedication to our patients and how passionate each team member is about providing the very best patient care. This year has provided plenty of proof; we hire the best people so our patients get the best care. A week is hardly enough recognition during a normal year, let alone a year full of pandemic change and challenge.

    We’ve Got P.R.I.D.E.

    When change and challenges come teams rely on each other and their common values. Every day, our team practices PRIDE: Passion, Respect, Innovation, Dedication, and Excellence. These are the values that helped us switch gears so many times during this past year, and the values that drive our team in our everyday quest to provide the very best patient care. As we emerge from this pandemic we do so even more aware that it is not just the individuals that make us who we are, it is the power of that collective community – our PRIDE – that has helped us move beyond surviving, to thriving.

    Proud of our P.R.I.D.E.

    Some of our leaders recently participated in a ZOOM discussion about @mppinfusions COVID experiences. It is amazing how swiftly and seamlessly each team member adapted to an ever-changing new normal. Recounting all of the changes and challenges our team navigated with passion, respect, innovation, dedication, and excellence revealed so much of our team’s character. As the manager of Human Resources, I am both humbled and proud to be part of this PRIDE. The timing of this conversation put a greater emphasis than usual on the importance of taking time to recognize our frontline healthcare workers – and the team that supports them – for their passion for patient care and the courage of their presence.

    Here’s to the Frontline Warriors!

    This year’s National Nurses Week theme is appropriately Frontline Warriors. I can’t think of a more fitting focus than the courageous tenacity of the many healthcare heroes that showed up when most of the world was shutting down.  MPP Infusion Centers® joins the nation in recognizing the contributions of these brave men and women. We celebrate your spirit and honor your courage. To our own MPP P.R.I.D.E., I send a roaring round of applause. Thank you for your boundless service.

    Traci Mueller || Human Resources Manager

    Multispecialty Physician Partners, LLC

    MPP Infusion Centers®