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  • Migraine Relief Starts Today with MPP Infusion Centers® and Vyepti™

    Migraines are painful.

    Have you heard the saying, ”better than a stick in the eye”? It describes something that is not very good by comparing it to something awful. I have never had a stick in the eye, but I can imagine it is a painful experience. I have had a migraine. Just once, and that experience has convinced me that a migraine is NOT better than a stick in the eye, not even a searing one.

    When my migraine began, I described it to my husband as an eyeball headache, which he found humorous. I must admit, I thought it was a little funny too…when it was dull. Apparently, there are no rules or boundaries for migraines; and as the day grew longer, my headache became stronger. By lunchtime, I felt like the Incredible Hulk and Thor were battling it out inside my brain. The pounding was relentless. My vision blurred and EVERYTHING became painful. Sunlight hurt. Walking – every. little. step. – hurt. Listening hurt. Talking made me nauseated; a feeling I avoid at all costs, so that hurt. Honestly, even thinking about it now makes me hurt. Thinking then was impossible, especially thinking clearly enough to be productive. The pain was so intrusive and rude… and mounting.

    Infusion treatments can help. 

    I would have tried anything to make the pain go away. Having read somewhere that most headaches are caused by dehydration, I powered through an amazing amount of water, to no avail. I tried some stress exercises. I tried eating, but since I was already nauseated, the more probable outcome was not comforting. Finally, feeling somewhat defeated by the pain, I took an over the counter pain medication, curled up in the fetal position under our comforter, pulled my pillow over my head, and got as close to sleep as I could with a  jackhammer pounding in my head.

    Sound familiar? That was one headache that lasted one day. If you suffer from chronic migraines, if you deal with the weight of an epic battle going on in your head regularly, you must be a superhero. I tip my hat to you for your endurance. Even superheroes can benefit from support. Infusion treatments can provide migraine sufferers with fast relief. They are a convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective solution for regaining control and enjoyment. Infusion treatments usually take about an hour and can be effective for more than a month post-treatment.

    Vyepti™ – “Powerful Migraine Prevention Starts Today”

    MPP Infusion Centers® is proud to offer our patients Vyepti™ – the first and only CGRP blocker given as an intravenous (IV) treatment. To learn more about this powerful migraine prevention solution visit the Vyepti™ patient or healthcare provider website.

    MPP Infusion Centers® are here for you.

    Looking for the perfect place to get your infusion treatment? MPP Infusion Centers® are designed by an infusion patient for infusion patients. Everything we do is centered on ensuring your infusion process is as convenient and comfortable as possible. Our team is knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate. Our clinics are designed to be stress-less spaces that welcome you and keep you comfortable throughout the entire infusion process.

    Life is too short to waste another minute without the relief infusion treatment can provide. We have a comfortable reclining chair and pillow waiting for you, where you can pull on a warm blanket, sit back, relax, and be infused with relief. Ask your doctor for a referral today, then visit our website to learn more about MPP Infusion Centers® and how we can help YOU experience relief.